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Review of the Native Title Act

Our principle, Dr Leonie Kelleher, recently submitted to two reviews of the Native Title Act that are currently underway – one by Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus and the other by Deloittes.

The submissions highlighted a need for serious and urgent review of the Act.

Noting that the Act removes free trade and competition principles and clearly is neither low or no risk legislation, she queried its virtual exclusion from routine Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA).

Breaches of the rules of natural justice are routine and there is inadequate attention to mandating that Aboriginals must benefit from ILUA and other agreements.

A dramatic perceptual split exists between Aboriginals and the native title ‘system’ with ‘on country’ operational arrangements entirely inadequate in many instances.

Read the Dr Kelleher Submission

  1. Dr Kelleher – Dreyfus Submission Letter
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