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I would like to extend my deep gratitude and thanks to your firm for the outstanding legal representation you continue to bring to our business. The highly sophisticated and considered strategic advice provided over an extended period of time, has been exemplary…

…Put simply we could not have asked for our case to be prosecuted in a better way. It was a clear demonstration of how painstaking preparation and accomplished oratory had left our opponents unable to match the powerful approach.

Suffice it to say to say, the case resulted in a resounding win. The success of the ultimate outcome was a direct result of Hubert’s eloquent and passionately fought case and commitment to ensuring all avenues were explored and exploited to our advantage…

…(Dr Kelleher), having your incredible legal skills supporting Hubert along with your highly nuanced tactical and strategic thinking meant that we were always going to have the very best chance of achieving success.

I had complete peace of mind knowing that I had the best legal team in Melbourne working for me.”

“Thank you and once again, thanks so much to you and the team for supporting me with the sale… I am absolutely enjoying my new home.”

“…Once again, thank you and the team there for your expert support and assistance. Although this whole experience was not particularly enjoyable and at times stressful, I guess if no objections had been made in the first place, it was likely that the proposed development would not have been modified at all.”