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Government Relations

poss23Advising both the local government sector and private parties, Kellehers assists with clear and careful interactions with Local Government. Critically aware of the broader Government network, we have broad experience in Government relations at the highest Federal, State and Local Government levels.

Achievements in Local Government:

  • Sale and acquisition of Council assets including trust arrangements, constraints or pre-conditions to sale and de-accessioning Council owned artworks.
  • Complex Local Government litigation and prosecutions.
  • Facilitating greater successful use of ‘user pays rating’ through Special Rates and Charges Schemes.
  • Councillor’s rights, obligations and Council election law.
  • Road Law.
  • Drafting, interpreting and enforcing of Council planning schemes, codes and policy documents.
  • Model agreement for telecommunications carriers and negotiations with carriers.
  • Preparation and presentation of advice on economic, financial, housing and housing finance policies to Local Government.
  • Operational Manuals for Councils
    • Special Rates and Charges Manual
    • Consumer Credit
    • Road Law
    • Food Safety Manual.