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New Water Law Bill For Victoria

In-House Memorandum


New Water Bill for Victoria

Water is a vital resource. The Victorian Government is currently preparing new legislation for the management and use of water.


Management and use of water in Victoria is currently governed by the Water Act 1989 and the Water Industry Act 1994[1].  A comprehensive review of State water law is underway with the goal of making Victoria a global leader in what the State Government calls ‘Whole of Water Cycle Management’.


Victoria’s Water Minister, Peter Walsh, appointed an expert Advisory Panel to oversee the review and make recommendations. An Exposure Draft, the Water Bill Exposure Draft was released in mid-December 2013. Public submissions closed on 14 February 2014.


Kellehers submission to the Water Law Review follows.


To Read Kellehers Australia’s Submission – CLICK HERE

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[1]Water Act 1989 is the primary Act governing water in Victoria. Provisions in the Water Industry Act 1994 with respect to the three state-owned metropolitan retail water and sewerage companies have been transferred to the Water Act.