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The story of Robert Torrens

The story of Robert Torrens The Torrens system is the basis of most Australia in land ownership. It has been adopted throughout many parts of the world.  Its inventor is said to be a Colonial Land Commissioner, Robert Torrens. Torrens […]

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The life and works of early Australian Surveyors

The life and works of early Australian Surveyors Conducting legal work on a Heritage matter will often lead lawyers to focus on unlit corners of this country’s history. Pieces of information regarding how we got to where we are, which […]

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Reforming Green Wedges

Melbourne’s urban growth boundary has long been one of the most contentious elements of Victorian planning policy. It affects landowners, who may lose the right to develop land they thought was able to be developed – and suffer a dramatic […]

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Does listing Endangered species ensure its protection? – The example of the Growling Grass Frog

Responsibility for ensuring adequate habitat for the vulnerable Growling Grass Frog (GGF) as new development proceeds into Melbourne’s western growth areas apparently lies with no-one.  As the Leadbeater Possum gains greater protection, the GGF experience shows the merely listing a […]

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Heritage: Finding the Significance

In-House Memorandum ~ Heritage: Finding the Significance Kellehers Australia was recently involved in an important case concerning the nomination of a place on the Victorian Heritage Register. The case concerned the significance of a temporary landmark in the formative years […]

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Centralized Land Information

In-House Memorandum ~ Centralized Land Information The Certificate of Title is the single most important document recording transactions and restrictions on land. It is the first point of call for information as to ownership and restrictions for any single unit […]

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Landmark Recognition – Climate Change Justice Report

In-House Memorandum ~ Landmark Recognition – Climate Change Justice Report The International Bar Association Task Force on Climate Change, Justice and Human Rights recently released a report recommending recognition for a new universal human right – to a safe, clean, […]

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Heritage: The Light At the End of Development!

In-House Memorandum ~ Heritage: the Light at the end of Development! Imagine the situation. You’re a business owner and you want your place of business to have a little more character than your competitors’. Upon coming across a beautiful building […]

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Seeking Subdivision? Rescue in Realignment

In-House Memorandum ~ Seeking Subdivision? Rescue in Realignment. When considering changes to property boundaries, realignment can often be used as a viable alternative to subdivision. The advantages of realignment over subdivision are that, whilst subdivision and re-subdivision are often restricted […]

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