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Centralized Land Information

In-House Memorandum ~ Centralized Land Information The Certificate of Title is the single most important document recording transactions and restrictions on land. It is the first point of call for information as to ownership and restrictions for any single unit […]

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Landmark Recognition – Climate Change Justice Report

In-House Memorandum ~ Landmark Recognition – Climate Change Justice Report The International Bar Association Task Force on Climate Change, Justice and Human Rights recently released a report recommending recognition for a new universal human right – to a safe, clean, […]

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Heritage: The Light At the End of Development!

In-House Memorandum ~ Heritage: the Light at the end of Development! Imagine the situation. You’re a business owner and you want your place of business to have a little more character than your competitors’. Upon coming across a beautiful building […]

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Seeking Subdivision? Rescue in Realignment

In-House Memorandum ~ Seeking Subdivision? Rescue in Realignment. When considering changes to property boundaries, realignment can often be used as a viable alternative to subdivision. The advantages of realignment over subdivision are that, whilst subdivision and re-subdivision are often restricted […]

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Alpine Waters – Kellehers Field Trip

In-House Memorandum ~ Kellehers Australia Water Law Trip As the sun rose on the Alpine peaks, searing rays of heat spread slowly across the backs of giant ranges, melting the previous night’s frosts and moistening the earth with fresh dew. […]

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Surrogacy – Emotions Clouding Murky Legal Waters

In-House Memorandum ~ Surrogacy – Emotions Clouding Murky Legal Waters The act of entering into an arrangement with a surrogate is one covered in emotion, while at the same time rife with a raft of legal issues and pitfalls A […]

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The Neglected Powers of water Authorities

In-House Memorandum ~ The Neglected Powers of Water Authorities Water authorities have a wide range of responsibilities which interlock with the work and objectives of planning authorities, as well as having a key role in the wider planning process. Too […]

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Irrigating the Maranoa Gardens

In-House Memorandum ~ Irrigating the Maranoa Gardens Public Gardens are an important part of municipal open space and have significant public health and recreational benefits. The use of water in public open space is critical to ensure long-term viability for […]

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In-House Memorandum ~ Feminism and Surrogacy Kellehers Australia was delighted to present at an International Conference this month entitled ‘Topologies of Sexual Difference’. The conference was hosted by the Communication, Politics and Culture Research Centre at RMIT University and organised […]

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