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Town Planning Law

pos17Kellehers Australia has a proven track record as a planning law firm. We act in all types and stages of planning matters, from conception to end development, for landowners, objectors and government. We achieve innovative solutions where matters have become immovable or problematic. We cost-effectively switch property ‘problems’ to land value ‘gains’

Our legal services include strategic management of complex property issues, development applications, management and guidance of highly skilled expert teams on planning and development projects, environmental issues, roads, heritage and associated company and property law services.

Achievements in Planning Law:

  • Successful project management and co-ordination of major development projects.
  • Assessing complex existing use rights scenarios and strategic legal advice.
  • Highly successful solutions to sensitive and complex landscape settings including National Trust and Heritage Victoria registered landscapes in co-ordination with professional teams.
  • Strategies for landowners to maximise land value and development potential.
  • High value claims under Land Acquisition & Compensation Act 1986.
  • Successful non-litigious advocacy and negotiation at Ministerial and senior Government level.
  • Infrastructure overview for large and small development projects.
  • Road Law (including Rights-of-Way, Traffic and Access Issues).
  • Planning and development of former landfill and adjoining land.
  • Successful resolution of drainage and water law matters.
  • Effective S173 agreements both complex and routine, securing long-term land arrangements.
  • Legal advice in Bushfire affected areas.
  • Successful advocacy of win-win solutions for Native Vegetation protection to ensure net environmental gain.
  • Successful VCAT litigation and process .
  • Building design and amenity strategy to address privacy, overlooking, bulk, setback and landscaping to ensure optimum VCAT outcome.
  • Building permit applications, demolition applications and building litigation.