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Environmental Law

poss22Kellehers Australia has been at the forefront of environment law since its modern development. We recognise the value of protecting the environment in a real and sustainable way.

Achievements in Environmental Law:

  • Complex and successful noise nuisance injunction and damages claims.
  • Strongly influencing early wind farm policy and development.
  • Successful clean up of land abutting petrol station impacted by sub-ground petrol leakage.
  • Strongly influenced early formation of the law regarding ‘standing’ to litigate environmental matters, particularly for environmental not for profit organisations
  • Successful achievement of cessation of polluting activities by neighbouring land users concerning fumes, smell and asbestos.
  • Highly developed expertise on former landfill issues, including potential litigation.
  • Environmental prosecutions extending from PANs to injunction proceedings.
  • Agricultural spray drift.
  • Native vegetation management.
  • Coastal planning.