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Heritage Law

pos16“Unless we know and respect our heritage, we fail to recognise who we are. Innovation steps out from this heritage – and excessive nostalgic restriction stifles innovation.”

Heritage is the springboard for the future. Kellehers is a leading expert at framing innovation within heritage. The obvious solution is not always best. Moving beyond the obvious requires insight and imagination. Kellehers thinks “outside the square” to find solutions that deliver win-win results.

Dr Leonie Kelleher OAM held the prestigious position as a Member of the Victorian Heritage Council for six years and continues to be involved with evolving heritage issues.

Achievements in Heritage Law:

  • Management of planning applications under the cloud of a Heritage Overlay revision.
  • Major and controversial development replacing old building stock.
  • Major Cultural Heritage Assessments facilitating development to accommodate and enhance archaeological and landscape heritage
  • Major multi-disciplinary submission for protection of Indigenous Heritage ‘on country’.