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General Law

Kellehers’ unflinching pursuit of excellence in general areas of law provides a stable and trustworthy base for our overall client services.  Although a specialist firm, Kellehers Australia can always ‘see the larger picture’. Our constant emphasis upon excellence in the law, our broad experience and practical knowledge match that gives our clients strong overall and dedicated legal support.

Achievements in General Law:

  • Negotiation and litigation concerning government administration and administrative law.
  • Successful, complex freedom of information (FOI) experience.
  • Advocating natural justice – the right to be heard, locus standi and related concerns
  • Securing individual and family peace of mind by property arranged Wills, Powers of Attorney, associated SuperFund documentation: Estate management.
  • Successful integration of commercial law with property-related matters, including taxation and corporate documentation.
  • Ensuring family issues behind land and commercial arrangements are comprehensively managed to maximise asset value: Family Court, gifts, transfers, corporate documents.
  • Domestic and commercial conveyancing: advice regarding complex land contracts and land transfers.
  • Complex advice regarding contract rescission and default, damages, deposit refund, caveats.
  • Complex property disputes and negotiations with major lenders.
  • Submissions regarding the impact of regulatory change on entrepreneurial opportunity, including risks of regulatory capture by regulators and regulatory officials.
  • Applying our ‘knowledge of the system’ to effective requests to Government on behalf of private clients.