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Complex Property Law

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Kellehers’ deep understanding of complex property law provides both support to its specialisation area and a stand-alone service of excellence for our clients.  Our knowledge is deep, comprehensive and integral to our specialisation success.  It also forms part of our all round land-based expertise available to our clients.

Achievements in Complex Property Law:

  • Land acquisition and compensation claims both complex and routine to successfully maximise client outcomes and avoid technical roadblocks.
  • VCAT and Supreme Court litigation of compensation claims, including successful mediation.
  • Assessment of impact of restrictive covenants on land subsequently subdivided and resold.
  • Complex assessment of title to vacant ‘unwanted’ land to ascertain ownership, occupation and control rights.
  • Complex successful adverse possession claims including necessary declaration evidence.
  • Old law land assessment and conversion.
  • Assessment and successful claim of easements of way and drainage by long user.
  • Strategic advice regarding future possessory claims.
  • Utilising property law in conjunction with fences law to optimise client land tenure.
  • Assisting Owners Corporations to resolve complex land issues.
  • Asserting land boundary and possession issues.
  • Complex property disputes, including mortgage and contract issues.