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Pro Bono

Kellehers Australia has always proudly maintained and grown its pro bono work. Over the last decade, our pro bono work has focused on primarily supporting Aboriginal Australians, a group of Australians who face deep difficulties in accessing quality legal services.  Working tirelessly in and out of the court for Indigenous rights, we renew focus on the laws ability to assist and reinvigorate communities.

We also provide pro bono assistance to a number of religious, disability, educational and not-for-profit organisations.

Our Pro Bono achievements include:

Aboriginal Australians

  • Major Federal Court ‘test case’ concerning natural justice in native title administration.
  • Successful resolution of complex issues concerning Crown Land – leases, licences.
  • Review and advise on complex Native Title agreements & ILUA agreements.
  • Major nomination documentation for National Heritage listing of ‘Aboriginal Country’.
  • Presenting nationally and internationally at conferences on the issues of story & silence, trust and regulatory change.
  • Police matters for Indigenous Australians.
  • Submissions to Ministers, Government & multiple review bodies concerning Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 (VIC), Aboriginal Lands Trust Act 1966 (SA), Native Title Act 1993(Commonwealth) and other significant proposed law change.
  • Research and submissions regarding Regulatory Impact Assessment of Native Title Act 1993.

Other Pro Bono

  • Conservation Management Plan
  • Challenging Government decisions regarding habitat for Protected Species
  • Test case for significant social effect Rutherford v Hume City Council v Ed Cuma Architects
  • Determining Sovereign Hill Gold Commissioners Camp
  • Successful tax deductibility applications.
  • Advising regarding the concept of a ‘charity’ and linkage with the law concerning public benevolent institutions.
  • Establishment of trusts and management of gifts and bequests.