Noise Impacts and Nuisance

Noise impacts can be one of the hardest issues to address and to protect against. Recently we saw the effect noise issues can have on Melbourne’s beloved live music venues. Noise disputes can occur between anyone, anywhere. Resolving disputes and protecting against noise issues can fall hard and fast on property owners. In noise sensitive industries sound strategic advice is a critical step in avoiding potential disputes.

Nuisance relates to the acts or omissions of an individual or entity that interfere with the use and enjoyment of land. The impact of noise can range from discomfort and irritation through to dangerous health effects.

Kellehers Australia has vast experience in advising clients on complex noise and nuisance matters. In addition to our specialist knowledge of planning, local government and environmental law, we can quickly and cost effectively assist clients to resolve diverse noise or nuisance.

If you are having issues with noise or nuisance – Download a copy of our  ‘live music venue’ checklist.

Our Noise Impacts and Nuisance team, is passionate about live music in Victoria. We aim to ensure that it can live harmoniously with its neighbours. Given our experience, we are able to help live music venues and their neighbours prepare and wade through the complexities. Whether this involves noise management, expanding a venue, planning changes or development near a live music venue, our team brings passion and experience.

“We aim to keep the music playing without the negative impacts of noise.”

‘The agent of change’ is a recent measure adopted by the Victorian Government. It places the onus on new development to address ‘noise’ issue. The instigator of the change has the responsibility; whether that be a live music venue, existing resident or new housing complex. Our clients include owners or tenants of entertainment venues, and residences as well as those undertaking new projects.  We are not only able to advise on the impacts of ‘the agent of change’ but do so with a weight of relevant planning and environmental law knowledge behind us.