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East West Link

The Victorian Government announced in May that it may compulsorily acquire land for the proposed East-West Link. The Link aims to join EastLink to major Western arterial roads. Stage 1 proposes a road link, partly above ground and partly below ground, which transects property in inner eastern and northern Melbourne. Although the project is not yet gazetted, strategic planning is well advanced and community consultation in affected areas is already underway. New planning reservations may be approved shortly and compulsory land acquisitions may follow an expedited timetable. The Linking Melbourne Authority is informing affected persons that they should obtain relevant legal advice. Landowners may be entitled to compensation. Our firm is an industry leader in compulsory acquisition, planning and road law. Should you have questions about how the East-West Link may affect you, do not hesitate to contact our team. (03) 9429 8111 | reception@kellehers.com.au     *This guidance note is given for general information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice.