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School strike for climate

– Treasury Gardens, Melbourne

Several thousand school-aged, primary and secondary students gathered in Melbourne today on the lawns of the Treasury gardens.

Skateboards and school uniforms mingled with the bronzed statutes of Victoria’s longest-serving premiers.

Students raised placards and chanted “This is what Democracy looks like” – calling on political leaders for more strident action on climate change.

Students spoke to an audience of their peers, raising concerns about the continued use of fossil fuels, like coal.

Some voiced apprehension that rising atmospheric temperatures and a changing climate would adversely affect ecological values in the environment that they loved.

Others expressed a resolute concern that their own generation should prepare to face climate change, and that it should do so independently of the current generation of political leadership.

One placard read “Activism is learning,” another “Scott no idea,” expressing a shared position that leadership inaction led them to such activism.

Our young legal team stood among these aspirant voices’ calls for action on climate change – seeking to listen, enable and amplify the fresh voices of youth on this issue.

Cameron Algie
Kellehers Australia