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Reconnecting with Kellehers students from yesteryear

Kellehers Australia gathered together, from the cohort of its alumni, former students who worked here in the last 20 years, celebrating 35 years of practice in Planning and Environment Law.

Kellehers Australia has always had a strong culture of supporting law students. We have seen many students pass through the office over the years, joining the team as timid inexperienced undergraduates, leaving bold and knowledgeable and going on to achieve a variety of outstanding careers.

Amongst former students are Lawyers; Barristers; CEOs; Law Firm Partners; Community Lawyers and Business Start Up owners.

Many students now have fine international careers. The gathering was a fascinating insight for those currently working here. It was a joy to hear cries of “Hasn’t it changed?!” or “It hasn’t changed at all!” and “It’s been SO long!” Some of those in attendance hadn’t stepped foot in the office for almost 20 years.

Emotions ran high, with many stories of how staff supported one another through difficult personal times “I couldn’t have done it without her!” There were tales of the weddings and children of those employed as young students. The joy as people reconnected with those they worked so closely with was quite inspiring.

One thing was mutually apparent from all those in attendance; the admiration for Dr Kelleher and the support and knowledge they gained from their time with Kellehers Australia – ranging for a number of weeks for work experience students to over 6 years for some. We’re all looking to meet again at the launch of the Kellehers Australia book.

More than 70 students have passed through Kellehers Australia since it began and many more will continue to do so in the years to come.